Please add any closures you find, whatever time (ignore the "Summer 2010" part)

The following dates were researched in 2010. It is assumed they are approximately the same every year - but please call ahead to avoid disappointment. And do add new dates, indicating the year, please.

Aufsess: Rothenbach closed mid-November to December 6

Bamberg: Greifenklau closed August 16 to August 21

Bamberg: Spezial closed for two weeks end of August, Saturday to Monday inclusive. As of 2015.

Bamberg: Spezial Keller closed for most of September

Buttenheim: Löwenbräu closed August 24 to September 20

Dietzhof: Alt Brau - closed Sept 01st to 16th.

Drügendorf: Först closed until August 24

Gunzendorf: Sauer closed August 19 to September 2

Heiligenstadt - Reopens 23rd Aug after vacation.

Hochstahl: Reichold closed August 23 to August 27

Huppendorf: Grasser closed September 14 to September 28 (annual schedule: first 14 days of Lent and first 14 days after school summer holidays - see for Sommerferien dates)

Merkendorf: Wagner closed for three weeks end of July/early August, Sunday to Monday inclusive. As of 2015.

Oberleinleiter: Ott closed August 2 to August 23

Unterzaunsbach: Meister closed August 17 to September 1