Options for getting to Geisfeld from Bamberg without a car seem to be:

  • Bicycle. It is a steady uphill to Geisfeld, so downhill heading back to Bamberg after beer.
  • Taxi. It has been a few years, but a taxi from the Altstadt to Brauerei Griess was on the order of € 20 each way. (A taxi from Bamberg Bahnhof to Geisfeld was €20 in 2009.)
  • Walk. Take the train to Strullendorf and walk the roughly 7 km to Geisfeld. You can stop midway in Rossdorf am Forst at Brauerei Sauer for a beer.
  • Or walk all the way from Bamberg - 9.5 km from Spezial, 8 km from Mahrs. No Brauerei on the way, though. You'll probably want to take the Rossdorf route to Strullendorf on your way back.