From the train station at Forchheim (Oberfr) it is about a 2 km walk.

  • Head north from Bahnhofsplatz toward Eisenbahnstraße
  • Follow Theodor-Heuss-Allee until the intersection with Hainbrunnenstraße, then turn right and go over the tracks
  • Turn left after the bridge on to Hainstrasse.
  • You will eventually come to a "T" intersection. Make a dog leg (right then left) onto Hans-Sachs-Straße
  • Follow Hans-Sachs-Straße until Untere Kellerstraße. Turn right.
  • Follow Untere Kellerstraße until you reach the base of the Kellerwald

If you should decide to take a taxi, be sure and tell the driver you want the upper kellers. That way you can drink your way down the hill, rather than drink your way up.

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