Summer of 2012 an easier walking route from downtown Bamberg to Cafe Abseits opened:

Walk through the train station, down the stairs to the different platforms, along the tunnel, up the stairs at the end. You will now be at the new Radhaus, bike house. Walk south for 300 meters on Brennerstrasse along the tracks and turn left into Pödeldorfer Strasse. You will find Cafe Abseits on your left after another 400 meters.

If you are too far away from the train station you might prefer the bus. Take route 902 for Stadion; get off at Neuerbstrasse, Cafe Abseits is just around the corner to your right.

If for some reason you find yourself in Wunderburg, walking is your best option. Take the street opposite Mahrs Bräu, Holzgartenstrasse. Follow this across the railway bridge and then turn left into Schildstrasse. Keep walking for 800 meters, ignoring the changing name of the street. You are now at Pödeldorfer Strasse, turn left and you will find Cafe Abseits on your right almost immediately.