Places with gravity pour barrels.

Breweries and their Bierkellers with Gravity Pour barrels.Edit

  • Schlenkerla, Bamberg 
  • Spezial Keller, Bamberg 
  • Mahr's Brau, Bamberg (usually, but not always - ending in 2015) 
  • Lieberth's Keller, Kreuzberg. Also the Dorfkeller.
  • Brauerei Zehendner, Monchsambach (usually if there is enough people. If you are a bigger group, feel free to ask for it)
  • Lindenbrau, Grafenberg 
  • Neder, Forchheim
  • Löwenbräukeller, Buttemheim 
  • Griess keller, Geisfeld 
  • Brauerei Holzlein, Lohndorf (not always)
  • Brauerei Honig, Tiefenellern (Definately. Both in the pub and sometimes in serving hut by beer garden - always Pils, sometimes also Lager) 
  • Schmausenkeller, Reundorf (Not the main house but the hut) 
  • Roppelt's Keller, Stiebarlimbach, sort of (non CO2 dispense from 10 Hl bag)
  • Witzgall Keller, Schlammersdorf (Closed as of 2014)
  • Brauerei Gradl, Leups-Pegnitz
  • Wagner-Brau, Kemmern (Fridays after 1600)
  • Heckel, Waischenfeld
  • Brauerei Eichhorn, Dorfleins
  • Brauerei Buettner, Untergreuth
  • Wagner Brau, Merkendorf (all the time except very morning hours "U" Lagerbier on grafity; sometimes also other beer type). Applies both for pub and beergarden at the back.
  • Hummel Brau Merkendorf (only Kellerbier is from gravity - barrel is hidden in "fridge" but always used except of very late night when it is empty)
  • Brauerei Knoblach in Schammelsdorf (Kellerbier)

Other places with Gravity PourEdit

  • Landbierparadies (s), Nurnberg (various)
  • Schauder Keller, Pettstadt (Löwenbräu Buttenheim)
  • Mondschein, Sandstrasse, Bamberg (Hölzlein Lohndorf, Mondays only) - Don't this happens anymore
  • Rampe Die Rocknieppe, Thorackerstrasse 16, Bamberg (every Friday rotating)
  • Schwanen Keller, Strullendorf (Lowenbrau Buttenheim)
  • Häschaadä Keller, Hirschaid (in 2015, two gravity - Lager from Kraus, Vollbier from Steinfeld)
  • Rotenschild on weekend evenings will have a barrel of Moenchsambacher.
  • Galerie Am Stephensburg - regular barrels from Sauer in Rossdorf Am Forst.

Places with Some QuestionEdit

  • Felsenkeller, Rossdorf am Forst  (Sauer)
  • Drei Kronen, Schesslitz (not sure if barrel I saw was fake)